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Written by Author Name 08/08/2021 | 4 Comments

Reach Disney World Through Your Favorite Shuttle

Disney's Magical Express will soon be going to end its service. So, what other options are there for you; to travel to Disney World? Well, there are several shuttle choices available to travel from Orlando airport to Disney. Read on to know more about the ways to get to Disney World.

There are options available for all kinds of budgets. You can go for either a shared vehicle or a private ride, depending upon your requirement from Orlando airport to Disney. The rides are convenient, reliable, and pretty affordable. The shuttle services from Orlando airport to Disney will definitely astonish you with their convenience. You can book a service for an individual ride as well as for the groups.

• Options Available for Booking

There are several options for the individual as well as group rides. All of these rides are convenient and reasonably priced. However, their effectiveness or productivity depends on the number of individuals in a ride.

A Private Cab: If you are with your family or friends, it would be best to hire a personal/private cab. This will help prevent a considerable amount of your time, which you would otherwise have spent in search of a shuttle bus or shared vehicle. In addition, if you are traveling with your family, you might have a considerable amount of luggage with you, and traveling in a shuttle bus or shared vehicle would be pretty inconvenient for you. So, rent a private cab for a day, drop your luggage and family at the resort/hotel you have booked, and return the cab to the service the same day.

Book a Taxi: It’s easy to book a taxi from the Orlando airport to Disney. Simply watch out for the options available. There are several services that let you hire a taxi just by using their app. You can also book a taxi by having a one-on-one conversation at the airport. It’s a great option you are getting late, so as to drop off your luggage at the hotel and quickly get into the parks.

Use a Ride-Share Service: A ride-share Disney airport shuttle service can be used if you are traveling individually. This will help save a few of your resources. However, you will have to wait at the airport for the shared cab service to arrive. The rideshare service will drop you directly at the destined spot; however, you may have to stop at other hotels, too, so as to let the rideshare service drop off other travelers.

• Final Thoughts

While the Magical Express is reported to cease operations from January 1, 2022, the above-mentioned ride options will help you reach Orlando airport to Disney. You can choose from a private cab to taxi, rideshares service, shuttle busses, and more, according to your convenience. All of these rides are fully insured, pet-friendly, and have kid's seats available.

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